What we offer

Void to Voyage offers short term, long term, crisis accommodation, respite accommodation and Supported Independent living for NDIS participants.

We understand the requirements and obligations with an individual’s NDIS plan.We work with carer’s, support coordinators and most importantly we encourage participants to have as much control as possible of their own lives ensuring that goals and needs are met.

We offer support coordination and specialist Support Coordination service. This service is provided by social workers with expertise in navigating NDIS and managing those complex cases to meet your goals.

In our service you can find safety, security and high quality of care for you or your loved ones. You can trust that our accommodation and services are of the highest standard.

Our staff are trained in the area of disability, health, early education and social workers with experience in mental health and case management. Combined we have a wealth of knowledge and skills to care and support your loved ones.


Void to Voyage is an alternative to residential care. Our residence is designed to make you feel relaxed and at home.

The residence is in the leafy suburb of Eltham – a very peaceful setting – and includes a sensory room for activities and therapeutic purposes.
The house is close to parks, wetlands, and medical centres and is within walking distance of public transport and local shops.

Void to Voyage is a short stay/respite, supported independent living accommodation service.

Here you can find safety, security and high quality of care for you or your loved ones. You can trust that our accommodation and services are of the highest standard.


Short-term accommodation (STA)

‘Short-term accommodation’ is the term used by NDIS to replace what was previously known as ‘respite accommodation’.

This type of accommodation allows for those times when participants require temporary supports that are different from their usual arrangements.

There are many reasons for this type of service, but it is designed to benefit both the informal support networks of family or carers and people with disability.

STA can allow you to maintain and preserve those close and supportive relationships.

Emergency accommodation

We offer emergency accommodation for those unexpected emergencies, housing gaps, transitional periods or simply for those that are experiencing a breakdown of placement and are at risk of being homeless.

Supported independent living (SIL)

Supported independent living (SIL) is one of many support options NDIS participants can receive. SIL is designed to help participants meet their living arrangement goals for more independence.

SIL offers participants help with and supervision of daily tasks to live as independently as possible whilst building their skills.

SIL is the assistance provided by a support worker in a living situation. We promote opportunities to increase daily living skills capacity to create greater independence. SIL is offered on a long-term basis.

Support Coordination/Specialist Support Coordination

We provide both Specialist Support and Support Coordination for individuals and families to help navigate and build the foundations of their NDIS plans.

Daily Living, Household Tasks, Personal Care

We assist with daily living activities such as meal preparation, grocery shopping, household tasks, medical appointments, allied health support, exercise, personal care and everyday tasks. Please speak to us about your specific support needs, as we will aim to meet your particular requirements.

Social Community and Recreational Activities 

We are inspired to create an environment where recreational activities are driven and meaningful. We help plan specific activities for participants  that help develop an enriched experience in the best way possible. In addition, we prepare activities that encourage learning and capacity building with enjoyment.

How our support coordination can help

We help by providing ongoing assistance to manage multiple and complex supports, address service providers’ issues, and manage your plan to meet changing needs. This also involves regular monitoring and contacting participants and stakeholders, providing outcome-based reporting to the NDIA.

Social Workers provide these services with expertise in managing complex cases to meet your goals and needs.
Our Specialist Support Coordination team is here to help with those complex participants that have exceptionally high needs or are in a crisis.

We have several local service providers that work with us to assist our clients in achieving goals through building capacity, knowledge, resourcefulness and confidence. Talk to us about your specific needs, and we can help you design a plan that is just for you.