Void to Voyage

A short term, long term, crisis accommodation, respite accommodation and Supported Independent living for NDIS participants

We will help fill the void so they can voyage to the world

Why US

We understand the specialist requirements and obligations involved with our participants’ ND’S plan. We collaborate and work closely with carers and support coordinators to ensure participants and their carers goals and needs are met.
We encourage our participants to have as much control as possible over their lives and aim to nurture and respect their independence.

Professional Social Workers

This service is provided by social workers with expertise in navigating NDIS and managing those complex cases to meet your goals.

Safety & Security

High quality care for your loves ones. High standars and specialist accomodation setting that you can trust.

Well Trained Staff

In areas of disability, early education and learning, social work and mental health. Our specialist staff case manage our participants.

Mission and Vision

At Void to Voyage, we promote the dignity and self-worth of all our participants.
We strive to provide quality of life that they seek, both individually and as a group; and encourage and facilitate group decision-making through collaborative meetings and access to all areas of the home.
We aim to encourage self-determination in activities, socialisation and food preferences.
VTV is not just a caregiving facility – for all our participants it is their home and their community.
We also value the time, skills and expert opinion of our staff and are committed to providing fair living wages, structured work schedules, clear duties and spheres of rights and responsibilities for each team member.
We do not expect our staff to engage in works and tasks that are not trained to. We do, however, invite and expect their suggestions for improving any aspect of VTV working operations or caregiving and encourage them to make a difference in their work environment through caring and expert assistance to our community’s most vulnerable

About the Founder

Aury is a single mother of two boys. One – Ethan – is an adolescent mature beyond his years and is the co-founder of this service. He shares his mother’s passion to be of service to and advocate for those who are most vulnerable in our society. His dream is to be a doctor one day.
Aury’s youngest loves soccer and rugby and has an incredible sense of humour. He is an NDIS participant – a warm and bright little star in the making.
Aury’s professional background is in social work, with a career spanning 19 years and her areas of expertise are risk assessment and advocacy. Over this period Aury held various roles with the Department of Health and Human Services. Her most recent role is in a legal environment where she advocates, negotiates and briefs lawyers.
Aury has completed a Bachelor of Social Work (RMIT) and a Bachelor of Arts with a major in philosophy and sociology (Monash University). She is currently studying law to further her passion to advocate for the most vulnerable in society.


“There are so many things that I want to say about Void to Voyage (VTV), However, as a parent of a young person with special needs experiencing anxiety and isolation during the COVID lock down, Void to Voyage kept my son engaged and with a sense of excitement leading to respite each fortnight. VTV have always gone above and beyond for my son, always keeping each stay focused on my son’s interests and preferences, with the view of extending his capacity. For the first time in his life, my son has tried other food items and participated in new activities. Now my son has an interest in building models and cooking. He has also resumed personal care tasks without resistance or heightened behaviours. I highly recommend VTV!”
SC Roberts